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My name is Carlos Neves, i live in Portugal - Viana do Castelo. I was born in Angola. But my youth was passed in Rhodesia.

In the year of 1978 came to live in Portugal.

My main job was an electrician, which i practiced for 25 years.

In the early stages of my life i had a nearby lady in Rhodesia with whom i learnt to carve ostridge eggs. She carved with a sharp knife and was with a knife that i started carving. But when i came to Portugal stopped carving. This was because there were no ostridges in Portugal in those days. Coming sometimes across eggs. Carving only for friends, very rarely. Has farms started breeding ostridges eggs where more common. I started carving more and more. Evan now a days there are some eggs that are very difficult to get.

Internet became a great tool for me to restart carving eggs. New drills and burs helps me getting on. Along with some friends I have met over the internet.

Now I am a full time addicted to this Art

So here are a few of my works hope you like them.

This page has links to my other pages in Portuguese, just scroll down in the other pages.

Carlos Neves

sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Deer in the woods

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